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“Ternopil Radio Plant "Orion" is one of the leading enterprises of Ukraine for manufacture of professional radio communication facilities. The enterprise has a very convenient geographical location.

The enterprise started its activity in 1982. Crossing of transport ways from Europe to the East region and from Black Sea to Baltic Sea and availability of highly skilled experts have promoted fast increase of productive potential of the radio plant.

On basis of the statistical data submitted by our enterprise the PC “TRP "Orion" is recognized by the Statistical Public Authority of Ukraine as one of the sector leaders of the year 2009 (Classifier of Economic Activity Type (32.20.1) (Production of transmitting equipment). In rating of enterprises of Ukraine “Orion” takes the 31st place, the 5th place as regards the volume of products sold and the 22nd place as regards the salary.

According to the information of state free of charge rating of enterprises of Ukraine in a scope of foreign economic activity "Exporter of the Year”, “Importer of the Year” according to the results of 2011-2012 processed years and on basis of the scientifically substantiated statistical methodology of assessed ranking of enterprises of Ukraine,  “Ternopil Radio Plant "Orion" occupies:

the 4-th place of composite score among 15 exporters of Ukraine (УКТЗЕД 851770);

the 4-th place of composite score among 10 exporters of Ukraine (УКТЗЕД 852560);

the 9-th place of composite score among 15 importers of Ukraine (УКТЗЕД 850780).

The above mentioned result is one of the best ones during the history of official rating in this category and it is attested by the honorary distinctive marks – International Certificate and Commemorative Medal with the golden inscription “Exporter of the Year”.

The PC “TRP "Orion" specializes in manufacture of various facilities of radio communication within VHF range. In its activity the enterprise uses modern technological processes, such as:

  • mechanical-and-procuring production;
  • die-and-pressing production;
  • foundry production;
  • varnish-and-painting production;
  • reliability test laboratory;
  • tool production;
  • mount-and-assembly production of assemblies and units of radio engineering line.

The enterprise is equipped with modern imported automated equipment of Philips and Quad Companies production. The same provides manufacture of high-quality competitive communication facilities: portable, mobile and stationary radio sets for law enforcement agencies, railway and motor transport and for other branches of national economy.

The enterprise’s basis is its own powerful scientific-and-design and technological potential. All the products manufactured by the enterprise are designed and equipped by efforts of its own specialists. So, we can offer different communication system configurations to our customers and in case of need we can make alterations not only in the product program but also in the product design.

Using in the process developing and manufacturing new engineering and technological solutions,  “TRP “Orion” develops its products on the state-of-the-art component basis conforming to a level of the best worldwide standards.

Development of new products begins from development of requirements specification to be coordinated with a potential user of the product in question. The first step is working out of electric schematic diagram and list of the relevant components; then the product construction, development of printed circuit board topology and software.

After production of the product prototype the relevant engineering documentation is to be developed for production of the test samples. Then a basic lot of products is being produced and then forwarded to test running. In accordance with the test running results the engineering documentation is being corrected. After that some actions are carried out to prepare and put the product into production.


PC “TRP "Orion" is working in four trends.

The first trend: manufacture of radio communication facilities for railways. At present in Ukraine and in the CIS countries the perfect and reliable system of the railway radio communication is in action. The system provides a closed technological process of controlling safety railway traffic.

The second trend: manufacture of radio communication facilities for power structures: militia, frontier guards, security service and others.

Communication facilities have an opportunity to work both in analog and digital modes. They provide transmit of speech and digital messages as well as data transmission. The radio stations are produced in different configurations: a built-in modem provides data transmission and GPS module (on request of the base radio station on the display of the computer connected to it location of the subscriber is indicated by way of geographical coordinates or by a mark on a map of the area, depending on the computer software). Voice messages are transmitted both in open and closed modes, the same provides guaranteed stability against listening. The system provides mating with stations of satellite communication, and the same allows communication with remote databases. Each radio station is assigned an individual number that provides transmission and reception of alarm signals, remote removal from working state of the lost or stolen radio station, transmission of an individual or group call.

The third trend of work: manufacture of radio communication facilities for the Ministry of Defense which provide radio communication for armored vehicles such as panzers and another armored cars.

The radio stations operate within the frequency range of 30-80 MHz with a frequency spectrum spacing of 1 kHz. They have an opportunity to control fire systems over the radio channel, to transfer data related to diagnostics and armored cars conditions, etc. They are adapted to work in a wide range of temperatures from -50 up to +50 °С under strong shock loadings and under conditions of increased humidity and dust content.

The fourth trend: production of goods for national economy.

Production of radio communication facilities for national economy (portable, mobile and stationary radio sets) which depending on the operating frequency range are produced in three versions:

(33-40), (39,5-48,5) and 57-57,5) MHz;

Production of energy-saving lamps which are produced by  “TRP “Orion” jointly with Public Joint-Stock Company “Iskra”, Lviv. On the basis of the enterprise was created an area for production of lighting technology products consisting of the following:

  • - line of production of Compactly Luminescent Lamps;
  • - line of production of General Purpose Lamps with halogen burners.

Production of the new generation lamps is performed by means of the equipment rented at the Public Joint-Stock Company “Iskra”. State-of-the-art energy-saving lamps with built-in start-controlling device of various power intended for installation in conventional holders E27 and E14 are assembled on the line of production of Compactly Luminescent Lamps.

The  “TRP “Orion” products are continually modernized and updated. From year to year new radio communication facilities come off the assembly line of the enterprise. And the same gives an opportunity for the plant staff to go to the future confidently.


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