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About us

Public Joint-Stock Company “Ternopil Radio Plant "Orion" is one of the leading enterprises of Ukraine for manufacture of professional radio communication facilities. The enterprise has a very convenient geographical location.

The enterprise started its activity in 1982. Crossing of transport ways from Europe to the East region and from Black Sea to Baltic Sea and availability of highly skilled experts have promoted fast increase of productive potential of the radio plant.

On basis of the statistical data submitted by our enterprise the PC “TRP "Orion" is recognized by the Statistical Public Authority of Ukraine as one of the sector leaders of the year 2009 (Classifier of Economic Activity Type (32.20.1) (Production of transmitting equipment). In rating of enterprises of Ukraine “Orion” takes the 31st place, the 5th place as regards the volume of products sold and the 22nd place as regards the salary.

According to the information of state free of charge rating of enterprises of Ukraine in a scope of foreign economic activity "Exporter of the Year”, “Importer of the Year” according to the results of 2011-2012 processed years and on basis of the scientifically substantiated statistical methodology of assessed ranking of enterprises of Ukraine, the Public Joint-Stock Company “Ternopil Radio Plant "Orion" occupies:

the 4-th place of composite score among 15 exporters of Ukraine (УКТЗЕД 851770);

the 4-th place of composite score among 10 exporters of Ukraine (УКТЗЕД 852560);

the 9-th place of composite score among 15 importers of Ukraine (УКТЗЕД 850780).

The above mentioned result is one of the best ones during the history of official rating in this category and it is attested by the honorary distinctive marks – International Certificate and Commemorative Medal with the golden inscription “Exporter of the Year”.