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Radio repeater “Оріон РР-1.4S” powered from solar batteries is intended for providing trouble-free and nonvolatile retransmission of signals of different type radio sets at distances required by customers. The equipment package includes radio unit (2 pcs), solar batteries (2 pcs), sealed lead-acid battery, charge/discharge controller, duplex filter, cabinet for radio equipment accommodation, mast for radio repeater mounting.


Trouble-free and nonvolatile operation of radio repeater;

Possibility of construction of various systems of radio communication in accordance with communication technology of customer;

Possibility of setup of one of 80 frequency channels for every direction (not on-line);

Possibility of operation in activation modes:

- under carrier;

- under digital code.

Operation with old stock of radio sets;

Interaction signal digital protocol;

Protection of battery against deep discharge and recharge;

Battery charging pulse mode when reaching gas release time;

Expansion of functional possibilities on request of customer.


Operating frequency range, MHz

146 – 174

Frequency spacing between channels of А and В direction, min., МHz5
Output power, W2; 15

Receiver sensitivity, not worse than, μV


Power supply voltage, V12 (+2,4), (-1,2)
Power of solar batteries at maximal illumination, W100
Capacity of sealed lead-acid battery, А/hour55
Maximal value of load current, А5
Operating temperature range, ºС- 25... + 55
Overall dimensions, mm500х400х200
Weight, kg20
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