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  • On-line programming from control panel of the following functions:
    • operating channels to any frequency within the UHF frequency range (one- or two-frequency simplex);
    • reception and transmission of group tone calls (700, 1000, 1400, 2100 Hz);
    • transmitter power;
    • operation threshold of noise suppresser;
    • number of main channel;
    • loudspeaker volume level;
    • time of transfer to “Reception” mode after the call was received in the “Standby Reception” mode;
    • level of short wave receiver attenuator.
  • On-line switching over of six operating UHF channels and two operating short wave channels, disabling of noise suppresser and switching over of loudspeaker volume level.
  • Possibility to control radio station from an additional control panel using wireless technology.
  • Programming from PC of the following functions:
    • access password to enter the program mode from control panel;
    • maximal time of continuous work for transmission;
    • tone call duration.
  • Availability of pulse interference suppresser.
  • Availability of digital noise suppresser.
  • Auto limitation of time of “Transmission” mode.
  • Operation in manner of two-band Short wave/UHF radio stations.
  • Operation with old stock of radio stations.
  • Automatic diagnostics of the transceiver operation.
  • Possibility to connect a locomotive registrator of talks.


"Orion РВ-4 " VHF

Frequency range, MHz151,725-155,975
Maximal number of channels340 (171)
Frequency spacing, kHz12,5; 25
Received sensitivity, μV, max0,3

"ОRION РВ-4 " Short Wave:

Operating frequencies, MHz2,13; 2,15; 2,444; 2,464
Receiver sensitivity, μV, max.2
Range of control of attenuator decay, dB 0-60 (with 1 dB step)

“Оrion РВ-4” VHF and “Оrion РВ-4” SW:

Transmitter carrier power (8 levels), W0,5 – 15
Operating temperature range, ºС-40 … +55
Power supply, V 21,6 / 155
Overall dimensions of radio unit, mm 200х135х138
Weight of radio unit, kg 2,93
Overall dimensions of additional control panel, mm 200х135х68
Weight of additional control panel, kg 1,62
Mean time to failure, hours, min.6 000
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