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Locomotive talks registrator




- record of all talks of locomotive crew through radio stations of SW, USW range with fixation of date, time and radio frequency range (SW, USW) within which the talks are being carried out;

- record automatic start when appearing input invoice signal from radio station and automatic termination of the record after the signal disappearance;

- registration of talks procedure between locomotive driver and assistant driver while the train departing and also along the train travel line with reference to current time and readings of the road safety system: АЛС, АЛС-МУ (МП), КЛУБ-У;

- registration of МКАВЕ activation with fixation of date and time of activation;

- recording to a separate file of the following information: time of activation; signals about emergency state of the registrator detected by internal control system; operation time from the moment of current activation; all successful and unsuccessful attempts of connection to registrator with indication of date, time and names (logins) which were used for access;

- automatic erasing of more earlier records while complete filling of information tanks, separately for each recording channel, duration of the record cycle is not less than 10 days;

- no possibility to change the data recorded in the registrator memory;

- reading of the recorded information to the outer computer (PC) over interface USB 2.0 by means of the PC special software.


- reading of the files recorded in the registrator - all of them, or the certain files selected by:

record source (SW, USW-radio communication, talks procedure); ▪ date, ▪ time of the record;

- integrity and authenticity of information during direct listening to the information from the registrator and during re-recording the information from registrator to PC;

- export of information files read from the registrator to a common format;

- archiving of the files read from the registrator;

- logical protection of access to the registrator data using multilevel password protection according to the access levels;

- records for further viewing by means of standard facilities of OS Windows, all successful and unsuccessful attempts of operation with software including methods of connection to registrator with indication of date and time of entering and exiting the PC program;

- playback of talks procedure soundtrack, radio communication, locomotive equipment state. When listening to the talks procedure, the PC screen displays signals АЛСН (АЛС-МУ) providing determination of these signals change time and the talks time (start, end, current time of the talks) with accuracy of ±1 sec.

Registrator provides a continuous round-the-clock operation. Registrator’s mean time to failure is not less than 25000 hours. Service life is not less than 10 years, power consumption is not more than 5 W.

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