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Radio receiver provides reception as follows:

- reception of telephone information with the frequency modulation within USW range to rod antennas with the height 3 m, 2m or 1 m at the distance of up to 60 km.;

- digital data completed with digital communication equipment;

Radio receiver provides operation when receiving analog data:

- in ICS mode with intercommunication system or with noise protected headset;

- in TERM EQ mode with terminal equipment.

Radio receiver retains its serviceability both while moving and parking, under conditions of heavy vibration and during action of climatic factor of cold (minus -40ºС), of heat (+50ºС) or heavy shower.

Radio receiver is power supplied from 27V DC mains. In case of user need radio receiver can be delivered with an additional unit of power supplying from 12V DC mains or from 220V AC mains.

The radio receiver high quality is confirmed by its field operation results – average time to first failure is 6000 hours and number of claimed products is not more than 0.5%.


Frequency range, kHz30 000-75 999
Frequency spacing, kHz1
Receiver sensitivity, μV, max.1
Receiver sensitivity while receiving digital information at an error ratio of 1-10 -2, μV, max.2
Receiver output voltage:
in ICS mode, min11
in TERM EQ mode, V0,52±0,1
Overall dimensions of radio receiver with shock absorber, mm222х210х239
Weight of the total receiver set, kg, max.


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