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Digital Intercom and Switching Equipment АВЗК-1 (Р-174М) is intended for arrangement as part of moving objects of internal telephone communication among crew members and for arrangement of external radio-telephone communication through radio stations.


    Digital equipment АВЗК-1 (Р-174М) provides the following functions:
  • transformation of voice signal suppped from communication helmet throat microphones into digital batchs and their transmission to trunk pne;
  • reception of digital batchs from trunk pne and their transformation into analog format for transmission to the communication helmet telephones;
  • internal two-way duplex telephone communication with all (up to 6) subscribers of the object (with pstening to own voice);
  • internal circular two-way telephone communication with all subscribers of the object (with pstening to own voice);
  • internal address two-way telephone communication between subscribers of the object (possibipty of carrying out confidential talks through internal communication network of radiotelephone operator with any subscriber and sending ring signal to the subscriber who is operating from another unit;
  • possibipty of pstening to signal from equipment of radioprospecting and chemical reconnaissance ГО-27 in helmet telephones of crew members;
  • internal two-way duplex telephone communication from all operating places of АВЗК with a subscriber of the telephone set taken away at the distance of up to 1000 m;
  • wireless communication between the object subscribers who operate in ВЗ mode and the handset taken away at the distance up to 100 m;
  • simplex radio-telephone communication through USW (SW) radio stations (up to 6) from all АВЗК operating places;
  • simplex radio-telephone communication in the mode of USW radio station remote control from the telephone set taken away at the distance up to 1000 m;
  • transmission and reception of ring signals through radio stations and wire telephone pne;
  • audio and optical indication of ring signals suppped over radio stations, wire telephone pne or from АВЗК subscribers;
  • internal and external communication control and optical indication of operation modes;
  • functional control of failure (good work) of АВЗК units;
  • noise suppression through incorporated adaptive system (ANC);
  • data transfer support;
  • possibipty of smooth adjustment of signal level in helmets telephones by means of volume controls irrespective of each subscriber;
  • possibipty of pstening to telephone information arriving at the radiotelephone operator control panel through remote loudspeaker.


2. Electric parameters of equipment are given in Table 1.

Table 1

Parameter denominationValue
Amplification paths nonlinear distortions factor, max.5 %
Frequency range of amplification paths with frequency characteristic


(300...3400) Hz

3 dB

Voltage at subscribers’ telephones in internal communication ducts, reception from wire communication lines, reception from radio stations – not more than10±2 V

At frequency of 1000 Hz

Subscribers output voltage to wire communication lines though telephone switchboard of unit БК, min.1 V
Equipment power supply from DC mains with voltage value12 - 35 V
Power consumption, max.50 W
Continuous operation, min.24 hours

3. Weight and overall dimensions of equipment units are given in Table 2.

Table 2

DenominationOverall dimensions, mmWeight, kg
Radiotelephone operator control panel АС34-01158х97х2201,960
Subscriber Unit АС35116х64х1260,560
Driver Unit АС37-01116х64х1260,560
Unit of connection to radio station АС36120х42х500,230
Breast manipulator МН1195x34x520,380

4. Equipment complete set is shown in Table 3.

Table 3

Radiotelephone operator control panel АС34-011
Subscriber Unit АС-35up to 4
Driver Unit АС-37-011
Unit of connection to radio station АС36up to 6
Breast manipulator МН1up to 6
Wireless communication handset1
Antenna module with RF cable1

5. Product provides connecting, interfacing and switching in objects of equipment which types are given in Table 4.

Table 4

Type of channel and terminal equipmentQuantity
Radio station Р-173М,up to 6
VRC-950, VRC-980,VRC-6020 Tadiran,

VRC-903 ITT Corporation,

RF5800 Harris Corporation
Communication helmet ШШ-1up to 6
Telephone set ТА-571
Remote loudspeaker БВГ-Л


Equipment ГО-27

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