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Radio equipment “Orion” support is intended for construction of radio communication systems with independent digital channel for data transmission. The radio equipment support includes two stationary radio stations “Оріон РС-1.4.2” and a duplex filter.


  • Operation in one- or two frequency simplex mode at one from 80 operating channels (the channels’ frequencies can be programmed by user);
  • Reception of individual (with numerical capacity of 10 000) and group call;
  • Transmission of group call;
  • Operation with the old stock of radio stations;
  • Operation in speech scrambling - and – masking mode;
  • Digital protocol of interaction signals;
  • Scanning over set channels;

• Possibility to transmit digital data, using a modem built. Over the digital channels at a rate of 2,4 kbit/sec.(4,8 kbit/sec)

Radio stations can operate in digital (conversation between subscribers is performed in digital format) and analog modes;

• Simultaneous operation of radio stations over channels with minimum duplex spacing of 5 MHz;

• Interchangeability of radio stations to increase reliability of radio communication;

• Availability of mating with Personal Computer through interface RS232.

• Protection of transceivers against short-term short circuit of antenna break;

  • Extension of functional possibilities according to customer’s requirements.
  • Self-diagnosis of basic units of radio stations


Frequency range, MHz146 – 174
Transmitter power, W0,3 – 15
Frequency spacing, kHz12.5 / 25
Receiver sensitivity, μV, max.0,3
Operating temperature range, º C- 25…+55
Power supply, AC, V220
Overall dimensions, mm172x222x342
Minimal duplex spacing, MHz5
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